CNN’s Chris Cuomo Suggests Carly Fiorina Inspired Planned Parenthood Shooting

December 11th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

CNN’s Chris Cuomo alleges that Carly Fiorina’s anti Planned Parenthood ‘rhetoric’ helped to incite the shooting at a facility in Colorado Springs.

The question prompted a heated exchange between Fiorina and Cuomo over the use of rhetoric by media to demonize conservatives.

It began with Cuomo asking, “Do you feel any sense of regret about how you characterized what was going on at Planned Parenthood after the attack in Colorado because of what the man said which seems as though he was influenced by some of the rhetoric that was coming out of you and others that painted a very ugly picture, an unfair one, about Planned Parenthood?”

“Oh please. Really Chris?” Fiorina snapped back. Time and again, Cuomo continues to push out narratives painting Fiorina’s position as false, with Carly turning the tables on Cuomo each time.

12-11-15 Carly Fiorina - CNN

Remember Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin was somehow responsible for the attack on Gabby Giffords.

It turned out that wasn’t true either.


Watch Fiorina battle it out with Cuomo:





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