Former Nevada Governor Compares Trump to ISIS

What is it with the GOP establishment?  In their best efforts to paint Trump as an outrageous and bombastic liability, they respond by making outrageous and bombastic claims about the GOP frontrunner.

The latest comes from Former Nevada Governor, Robert List who told CNN:

“People are reluctant to take him on because he lashes back like ISIS,” said former Nevada Republican Gov. Robert List, who believes there’s only a “small chance” that Trump becomes the nominee. “He has a wicked tongue and no reluctance to use it.”

Obviously missing the irony in that statement, Mr. List mirrors the behavior of similar GOP strategists and well-connected players who’ve failed to make their narratives stick about the popular businessman who’s been leading in most polls for the GOP race for some time now.  In an interview with CNN Friday morning, diminishing Republican strategist, Cheri Jacobus now attributes Trump’s success to the idea of there being too many candidates.  Months ago though, and when there were even more candidates in the race, she predicted a drop in the polls for Trump by conceding that it was “the summer of Trump” while claiming that it was about to fade.

Throughout all of it, she’s rage-tweeted Mr. Trump repeatedly as he’s remained at the top — often times, including in her tweets and re-tweeting others who seem to be in overdrive in their dislike for Trump as well; folks like Rick Wilson.

It doesn’t take long to read her Twitter feed to see she often parrots talking points that we’d be hearing from the left during a general election season about any Republican when she claims that Trump supporters are “white supremacists,” that Trump is “racist,” or that his supporters are “stupid” and belong to a “cult.”

After months of such behavior, Trump finally called Jacobus out Friday morning, giving her the attention she’s obviously been seeking.

But what she (and others) don’t seem to understand is that when Trump uses his huge spotlight to demonstrate their odd and irrational behavior (while they pretend to portray themselves as the grown ups of the party), it seems to help him immensely and their claims become background noise to the base who are a lot smarter than they’re willing to give us credit for.  We understand it….we really, really do!

As some have tweeted recently, how can the remaining candidates face Hillary Clinton (knowing the media will be on her side) if they can’t beat Trump with the media currently cheering them on in their efforts to destroy him?



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