Gov. Sarah Palin: The San Bernardino Screw Up

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Journalists/Law Enforcement = Screw Up

Those concerned about the integrity of government investigations of Islamic terrorism should be outraged by this. Coming to light are these disturbing practices involving sloppy security and seemingly disinterest in gathering all evidence of terrorism. The public must demand better from the Obama Administration’s FBI, CIA, DOJ, and other agencies tasked with serving Americans.

Take a stand and demand accountability! Until the public is assured, this terrorism crime scene pattern can be interpreted as a purposeful, half-hearted agenda to “investigate” Muslim radicalization, which leads reasonable citizens to believe there’s a naive, even sympathetic view of the evil reality we face. Screwing up these investigations is obviously, undeniably, and deadly dangerous.

“But how can they [law enforcement] know they will not need to return? How do they prevent evidence from being tainted, moved, lost–or possibly even being planted? Now, they cannot.”…/fbi-neglect-of-san-bernardino-c…/

Not screening who is coming into our country is just as dangerous. I’ve argued this on national television and am (unfortunately) relieved with proof of government deception – relieved only because the gullible Left is proven wrong time and time again.

“FBI director James Comey testified for the second time this year before Congress that the Administration was flatly unable to screen Syrian refugees.”…/refugee-resettlement-contractor…/

Sarah Palin


The Governor had TWO links to share:


FBI Neglect of San Bernardino Crime Scene Fits a Pattern


The shocking sight of journalists storming into the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorists, less than 48 hours after the attack, was apparently allowed by the FBI, which handed the apartment back over to the landlord, who let the media in with a crowbar.

CNN had a reporter on the scene, but its own analyst Harry Houck was shocked, calling it a “screw-up.”

While the journalists’ behavior was disturbing, it fit a pattern: the Obama administration is careless about, or is reluctant to find, evidence of terrorism. (read the full article at Breitbart News)


Refugee Resettlement Contractors Mislead on Vetting, Crime, and Terror



Apparently panicked after dozens of governors trying to prevent a Paris-style attack announced that they would halt Syrian refugee resettlement in their states, refugee resettlement contractors dependent on federal payments appeared to mislead reporters repeatedly on a conference call held Tuesday.


Early in the call, Ms. Harke said, “All must be informed by facts and truth about the security screening process. There are steps in place to keep our citizens and our nation safe, and to mislead by claiming that they don’t exist or are inadequate is ill-informed.” Likewise, in response to a question about the vetting process, Ms. Steinberg asserted that refugees were the “most thoroughly vetted people to arrive in this country, and that includes refugees from all parts of the world. That is just the fact.”


Yet for more than two decades refugees and their families have been implicated in terror activities, including:

  1. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Somali refugee whose family had been settled in Oregon by resettlement contractor Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, who plotted to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland in 2010, saying “I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave dead or injured”;
  2. Sulejmen Talovic, an 18-year-old refugee from Bosnia killed during a shooting rampage at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 12, 2007, killing five and wounding four;
  3. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, sons of Chechen refugees, who carried out the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing;
  4. Waad Ramadan Alwan, who entered the country in 2009 as a refugee and was resettled in Bowling Green, Ky., one of “several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers” the FBI believes were let into the country accidentally under the program according to ABC News; and
  5. Yassin M. Aref, an Iraqi refugee the Imam of Masjid As-Salam, who was arrested for his part in a plot to buy a surface-to-air missile to supply to a terrorist group.

(read the full article at Breitbart News)


12-06-15 Sarah Palin - San Bernardino Screw Up

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