Governor Palin’s Remarks at the ‘Friends of Abe’ Event

December 8th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Tis with heartfelt thanks to our friends at PolitiChicks, we now have a transcript of Governor Palin’s remarks at the ‘Friends Of Abe’ event in Hollywood this past Friday:


Gov. Sarah Palin and Susan Swift Arnall

On Friday, former Vice Presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was in the Los Angeles area to promote her newest book, “Sweet Freedom”. Later that evening, at a private Christmas event, Governor Palin spent almost three straight hours autographing copies for admirers, taking the time to personally greet and speak with each individual in line.

Following the book signing, Sarah Palin gave an impromptu speech encouraging conservatives in Hollywood to continue infiltrating and influencing American pop culture so as to embolden others to fight for freedom and for American values currently under attack today.

I was fortunate to be one of those in attendance and recorded her remarks. Here is an excerpted transcript of Governor Palin’s remarks (edited to honor the privacy of those in attendance):


“You all are the salt and the light in pop culture doing those things that our country needs just so desperately in these tumultuous times, in times where we are facing great challenges. It’s a worried world right now. But people are looking to — believe it or not — they’re looking to you in pop culture, expecting you to be great for such a time as this…It’s not that hard to do though. It really isn’t.

You who are bold enough to be here tonight … [Being here] bodes so well for your character and for your willingness to put to good use the gifts and talents that God has given you. Put those into productive good use for our country for our world, not for selfish reasons, but to be that salt and light and to infiltrate and influence pop culture. Because [Andrew] Breitbart used to say … that politics is downstream from pop culture. And that’s who you all are.

And take it from me, a layman, just Joe Blow American six pack you know, hard working mom … I’m in awe of what it is that you all do.… Don’t take it for granted what it is that you have within you to influence our world….

I can’t thank you enough for exercising your freedoms and making sure that others are understanding how important it is to fight for freedom. I think that through your work we see so much of that and we learn from that and we are influenced by that….

A really nice gentleman walked through the [book signing] line wearing this “No L” button. And I said , “Well, that’s cool, ‘Noel’.” And he says “No, it means ‘No Liberals’.”   It’s so good to be among friends! I can’t tell you how pleasant it is, how inspiring and how encouraging it is to know there are so many of you! Thank you so much.

[Y]ou do not know perhaps how influential you really are and not just in our country but across the world how much people are craving that the arts are … for such a time as this especially, to be used for good and for a contribution towards restoring what’s right in the world and at a time that many people are not right. We need you.

So please, keep up the faith. Keep up the great work. And there’s only one thing standing in the way between you all and the dance floor, and that’s me, so I’ll shut up and let you all dance.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!””

– Sarah Palin


*** Big time thanks to Susan Swift Arnall and the awesome folks at PolitiChicks for providing C4P with a transcript of Governor Palin’s remarks




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