Heather Wilhelm | Hillary’s Laughable Gender Wars

Heather Wilhelm, Real Clear Politics:

Hillary’s gender ethics aren’t just hostile and exclusionary. They’re also amusingly out of date. “You inspire me to so that I can be who I want to be when I grow up,” declares one girl, accompanied by soaring music that sounds like Adele got drafted into a Soviet prison march. Well, jeez. When it comes to craftily capitalizing on a built-in family political dynasty, Cleopatra has Hillary beat by a couple thousand years. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, how about Margaret Thatcher, who pulled herself into a successful prime minister gig more than 30 years ago, and who is probably scowling somewhere at the sprawling tragicomedy that is modern feminism?

“In Margaret Thatcher’s view,” according to her biographer Allan Mayer, “her sex is an irrelevancy, and she is annoyed by people who make too much of a fuss over it.”

Thatcher’s vision was exactly what feminism should be: a view of people as people, with equal opportunities to succeed.

Today, unfortunately, we confuse equal opportunities with equal outcomes—and as a result, we obsess over gender more than ever. In November, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a splash by appointing a “gender-equal” cabinet, composed of 15 men and 15 women. He did so, he told the press, not because of qualifications and not because it was all some amazing, perfectly proportional gender coincidence, but “because it’s 2015.”


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