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December 12th, 2015 • iizthatiiz


12-12-15 Proud To Be A Rebel - Tomi Lahren


Before we get to Tomi’s commentary, some context is in order


UNLV - Runnin RebelsOver the past year there has been some ‘controversy’ regarding the name of UNLV’s (University of Nevada – Las Vegas) sports teams. Known for decades as the Rebels (or more familiarity, as the ‘Runnin Rebels’), the team name has come under some criticism from panting hyper-sensitive types concerned with anything that could possibly point towards a connection to ‘The Confederacy’.

The hyperbole led by none other than that bastion of pandering, Senator Harry Reid.


Harry Reid - eye patchCARSON CITY — Sen. Harry Reid says Nevada higher education officials should look at changing the Confederate-themed mascot at UNLV.

Reid told reporters in Washington D.C. on Tuesday that Nevada’s Board of Regents should take a look at changing UNLV’s current mascot and sports team name from the so-called “Running Rebels.”

“I believe that the Board of Regents should take that up and take a look at it,” Reid said. (Las Vegas Sun)


After months of review by University officials, a verdict was rendered:

UNLV diversity chief: Hey Reb! mascot, Rebel nickname not tied to Confederacy

By Ana Ley
Las Vegas Review-Journal

Neither UNLV’s Rebel nickname nor its Hey Reb! mascot have ties to the Confederacy, according to a report released Monday by the university.

In a 60-page analysis assembled over the course of five months, UNLV Chief Diversity Officer Rainier Spencer detailed an exhaustive search of school records and a series of conversations with students, employees and community members that led him to the conclusion.

The report was requested by UNLV President Len Jessup in June following comments made by U.S. Sen. Harry Reid about the university’s nickname amid a nationwide focus on Confederacy symbols prompted by a racially inspired shooting in Charleston, S.C. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)


UNLV alumni Tomi Lahren has some ‘Final Thoughts’:

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