They Are Not “Radicalized” Muslims

Words matter. The language used by political power brokers and media darlings helps to shape the national dialogue for better (rarely) or for worse (often). These privileged few are the gatekeepers for information dissemination in this country, and they almost never fail to disappoint—especially with regard to Islam and jihad.


The nature of Islam is not a secret. The motives of jihadists and of Islamic supremacists are uniform. It always baffles me to see Islam and jihad treated on these news shows and in different publications and by politicians as something so enigmatic that it could never be explained.


To these media clowns and political tools I say: Open a Koran. Read the Hadiths. Study Bat Ye’or and Robert Spencer. Understand the 1,400-year history of jihad. Their playbook is neither hidden nor sophisticated.


The notion that the San Bernardino Muslima or the 9/11 hijackers or the Fort Hood jihadi were radical come only when viewed through the prism of Western logic that has been shaped by Judeo-Christian values. As far as Islam is concerned, there was nothing radical about any of their actions. It is a dangerous practice to subtly lull gullible Western minds into believing that Islam is somehow fundamentally good-natured or peaceful. It is not. To say so is simply to acknowledge the truth, and the truth is neither hateful nor bigoted—it is the truth.


There are indeed radical Muslims. Certainly. Secular Muslims are radical. Muslims who oppose jihad terror are radical. Muslims who believe there should be a reformation of the Koranic mandate to slaughter non-Muslims and for Islam to dominate the planet are radical. Jihadists, however, are devout. Jihadists are righteous. Jihadists are purists.


This distinction must be made if we are to understand our enemy. And we must understand them. This is crucial. There is no other path to victory. They certainly understand us. They understand our tolerance and our openness. Our bleeding hearts and our eternal hopefulness. And they play us like fiddles.


This is not a new war. The jihad against the West has been raging for well over a millennium, and it will continue to rage from behind all its different masks until the ideology behind it is summarily destroyed.


Do your duty. Teach. Words matter.

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