Trump Cruz’n away with lead in latest survey • WaPo/ABC poll

December 15th, 2015 • iizthatiiz

Comprehensive data from today’s Washington Post/ABC News survey shows multiple layers of support for GOP front-runner Donald Trump six weeks ahead of the first voting states.

Leveled firmly overall in second place is Senator Ted Cruz, demonstrating significant support on button issues from Republican leaning voters in the nationwide survey.

Overall preference for the Republican presidential nomination is businessman Donald Trump, leading by 20+ points with 38 percent.

Cruz, Carson, and Rubio trail in low double digits.



When voters were asked to name their top two choices, Trump’s lead remained 20+ points, with the rest of the fields rankings staying unchanged.


On a host of issues and character assessments, Donald Trump was rated on top of the field in virtually every category.

Trump performed strongly among many traits that Republican leaning voters will weigh in determining their best choice for the presidential nominee such as leadership, trust, and temperament.








It is Trump’s solid performance amid underlining issues and the judgement of character traits by voters that demonstrate the formidable strength of his grip as the leading contender. Dislodging those impressions with voters will prove difficult for competing candidates.

Cruz lands admirably in many of these same tests, showcasing the grounds for the recent advent of political sniping’s between the Trump and Cruz camps.

There were faint signs of life for establishment ‘wunderkind’ Jeb Bush who placed respectfully among concerns such as trust and temperament .. key traits in determining a nominee, showing that breathe remains within the Bush camp.

The economy and terror threats are the two issues currently dominating the concerns of conservative oriented voters.





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