Bristol Palin Named One Of Most Influential Conservatives Under Age 30

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Nice!  I don’t consider myself a “political leader” or even “influential.”  I’m just like every other normal American.  The things I write about here on my blog are what used to be known as just plain common sense.

Still, I’m very honored by being included in the list.

Newsmax, thank you!!

Bristol Palin

via Newsmax:

Newsmax’s 30 Most Influential Republicans 30 and Under


While the face of the conservative movement is often associated with nationally recognized officeholders, there is in fact a large number of young men and women working hard every day to forge the future of the movement.

Rankings take into account each candidate’s accomplishments relative to their age, and seek to highlight emerging voices alongside established ones.

5. Bristol Palin— After coming to national attention as the daughter of one-time Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Bristol has made a name for herself as a thoughtful book author and blogger for There, she writes inspired posts about faith and family.


For the entire list, please visit the full article posted on the Newsmax site




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