Gov. Sarah Palin: Headed To Iowa

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Shooting Straight in Iowa RV’s… We Wish

In Minnesota this morn, headed to Iowa, catching CNN’s Jake Tapper’s tit-for-tat on airport screens – don’t know how he stays so patient with politicians repeating poll-tested rehearsed memes in place of answers to his questions; he’s got the patience of Job!

Respecting all candidates gutsy enough to run, of course, but Tapper’s Rubio/Cruz conventional exchanges in their comfy campaign RV’s today make us appreciate worthy rogue candidate(s) even more with their refreshingly unscripted interviews. Thank Trump for that. Those Rubio/Cruz hits prove RV’s can be better tools to extract truthful conversation the way we use ours – hauling gear to hunting grounds to shoot dinner. Out there headed to the wilds inherently includes letting hair down and conversing free and heartfelt. Reporters – try that next time! For voters’ edification, see if the guys can shoot straight in that kind of setting.

Catching the next leg from Alaska that lands me at NBC’s Iowa doorstep, I look forward to guesting on their Today Show tomorrow morn!

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