Gov. Sarah Palin: Whose Side Are Democrats On?

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Here we go again, coddling the enemy and implementing rules of engagement that prohibit our military from doing its job. Iran captures our warriors before forcing the U.S. to apologize for the ENEMY’S bullying and endangerment, all to send a (false) message that America is now so weak we’ve fallen insurmountably far under the enemy. As Sen. McCain just said on Fox News, Obama spokesman Josh Ernest is an “idiot” and knows not of what he speaks as actual APPRECIATION is expressed by the Leftist White House for Iran’s combatant actions. To praise the enemy for humiliating our military should make all reasonable, pro-“Peace through Strength” Americans agree with what Dean Cain said on Fox this morning: “This makes me sick to my stomach.” Then went on to suggest reasons many of America’s finest are leaving the military. No question, they’re leaving due to the Left’s pussy-footing around per the tone set by an extremely weak President who doesn’t believe we face existential threats. I’ll continue to ask: if democrats still praise Obama’s capitulation and bending over for Iran, does it not make you wonder who’s side are they on?

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