Is NRO Trying to Cash In on Emotional Cruz Supporters?

I’m never one to mock or criticize an attempt at clever capitalism.  In fact, I don’t think it would be a bad thing.  Going even further, it would probably be the best thing Rich Lowry, Editor in Chief of National Review could claim once the chips completely fall on this.

It’s unprecedented.  Just ten days before Republicans vote for the very first time in a GOP primary, a multitude of pundits band together against their party’s front runner in a hit piece already mentioned on C4P.

Last night Megyn Kelly interviewed Dana Loesch, Brent Bozell, and Katie Pavlich (all who have partaken in this hit project).  As you listened, you got the impression that this was the first chance each and everyone of them had been given to express their opinions on Donald Trump.  Interestingly though, Bozell mentioned that “it’s been a lot fun up until now” which was quite telling.

Sure it was “fun” when GOP insiders and their pundit-cooperatives filled up our Twitter feeds with rhetoric; all of which predicted Donald Trump’s demise for many months now.  For them it was good business.  That’s what Bozell meant by “fun.”  Now that their predictions have failed, these publishers and pundits who’ve been smugly assuring their insider-pals all along that Trump would eventually fade are in full blown panic mode as the implosion begins (no doubt after a certain lady lit the fuse on Tuesday).

When Governor Palin endorsed the GOP front runner Donald Trump, it came at the dismay of some Ted Cruz supporters who admit that she was instrumental in putting Cruz in the Senate four years ago.  And even though they’re grateful to her for that, they’re discouraged as she didn’t do exactly what they wanted her to do.

I understand why certain Cruz supporters might be emotional over this.  Either through money or through efforts, they were invested in their candidate.  Yet most of us saw the writing on the wall for the Texas Senator when it came to the polling in most of the upcoming state contests where Trump leads the majority of them by large margins.

Governor Palin’s timing was impeccable.  With a clean sweep of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida, it will be difficult for the GOP establishment to stop Donald Trump.  This is why some are scurrying in their best efforts trying to claim that the establishment suddenly loves Donald Trump now.  As this panic continues, watch out for more meltdowns next week.  There will be sweat on their foreheads.  There might even be tears.

The establishment is trying to amplify a war between Trump and Cruz because it has the potential to do exactly what is happening to their overflowing candidates (Bush, Rubio, Kasich) in creating division among the candidates that stand with us against politics as usual.  It is when we (the anti-establishment voters) are divided that they (the establishment) can conquer.  Such division could have helped one of those establishment guys emerge in a later state.  That’s why I am glad Governor Palin came out to prevent that from happening and why I am not surprised that the National Review suddenly came out with this hit piece a couple days after her endorsement.

Cruz supporters remain our friends and we’ll need them back to help fight in the general election against Hillary Clinton.  Yet their emotions are high which may leave them feeling vulnerable to stunts like this.  Writing an entire issue of essays that trashes the one guy they view as the biggest threat to their candidate could be tempting to such raw emotion.  And knowing how many Cruz supporters are out there, selling it at 4.99 a pop can add up to some pretty sweet cash for NRO.

Thankfully though, most of the Cruz supporters I know are too intelligent to fall for it.



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