Myra Adams | A Trump/Kasich Ticket?

Myra Adams, National Review:

Given that Kasich agrees with Trump on China — one of Trump’s signature issues — Trump’s compliment could be interpreted as a sign that he will consider Kasich as his potential running mate. Such a ticket might act as a marriage between a brazen outsider and a member of the GOP establishment. A Trump/Kasich ticket could even end up being a truce signaling that party peace is at hand.


When I mentioned a Trump/Kasich ticket to a well-known veteran Republican campaign strategist who thus far has been anti-Trump, his response was “Vedddy interesting. Like it.”

Looking for another opinion, I asked a Trump-leaning national GOP consultant who said emphatically, “That ticket will defeat Hillary.”

Then, on the record, longtime GOP operative Roger Stone said he liked the idea and told me, “Kasich carrying Ohio for the ticket is more likely than Rubio carrying Florida.”


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