Sarah Palin • It’s Almost Iron Dog Time

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It’s that time of year again! Reminds me why we love our life way up North! It’s hardcore IronDog training time & Todd’s going ’round the clock with other racers gearing up for the brutal 2000-mile race across tremendously difficult Arctic terrain and conditions. When Todd lets me try to hang with him on training runs, oh dear Lord what a joke… I get on the trail and am convinced these IronDoggers are a different breed of cat. It’s indescribably intimidating out there. I admire our manly-men racers (the women racers, too!) and their physicality, mechanical genius, and work ethic, so very much. The race across Alaska is Feb. 21-27. This is Todd’s 23rd year running. Go Team #11! –

Sarah Palin






*** Above photo’s courtesy Governor Sarah Palin


01-27-16 Sarah Palin - It's Almost Iron Dog Time




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