America’s Friendliest Restaurant is Closing • Here’s Why

February 2nd, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Tim's Place


After a very successful five year run, Albuquerque restaurant ‘Tim’s Place’ is closing it’s doors.

Known locally as America’s Friendliest Restaurant, ‘Tim’s Place’ advertises Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs.


Tim HarrisTim Harris is recognized nationally within the Down Syndrome community as the first person with Downs to own and operate a restaurant.

C4p featured a report on ‘Tim’s Place’ back in 2014.

Locals were shocked to recently learn that ‘Tim’s Place’ will soon be closing it’s doors in Albuquerque permanently.


CBS News reports why:



AOL published a feature story on Tim Harris and Tim’s Place in 2013:










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