Andrew C. McCarthy | Can We Stop the Rubio-Cruz Mutually Assured Destruction?

Andrew C. McCarthy, Pajamas Media:

First, there was the Ben Carson episode in Iowa: As voters were getting set to caucus in Iowa, the Cruz campaign publicized a CNN report suggesting Dr. Carson was getting out of the race. The story was based on the peculiar decision by Carson to go home to Florida for a few days rather than continue his floundering campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Carson, of course, did not get out of the race, though it was certainly reasonable to deduce (as the CNN correspondents did) that things were heading in that direction. Indeed, other candidates in the race who have announced they were leaving the trail to go home, have soon thereafter suspended their campaigns. In any event, the Cruz camp’s pouncing on the story had no material impact on the Iowa result. Carson’s poor outcome is the predictable effect of his bumbling campaign.

It bears noting, moreover, that Cruz has never said an unkind word about Carson, whom he has consistently treated with great respect. Donald Trump, by contrast, buffoonishly compared Carson to a “child molester” in commenting on what Carson described in his autobiography as the “pathological temper” he had to overcome. What’s more, Trump intimated that Carson lied about a stabbing incident also outlined in the book. Yet, Carson lets the Trump remarks roll off his back while carrying on as if Cruz – not Trump, not CNN, Cruz – just stole his favorite toy. Go figure.


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