Gov. Sarah Palin: French Gun Control Didn’t Save Anyone In Paris Attack

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Governor Palin linked to THIS article:


Eagles of Death Metal Singer Jesse Hughes Says Everybody Should Have Guns


by ALEX JOHNSON | FEB 16 2016

The Paris terrorist attacks shouldn’t be exploited to clamp down on guns, insists Jesse Hughes, the front man for the band that was performing when 89 people were killed in the Bataclan theater last year.

Hughes’ band, Eagles of Death Metal, was about an hour into its performance when gunmen stormed in and opened fire in one of the coordinated attacks across the city on Nov. 13.

In an interview Monday with the French television station iTélé, Hughes — a longtime gun-rights activist — maintained not only that French gun restrictions didn’t inhibit the terrorists but that they actually made it easier for them. (NBC News)



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