Gov. Sarah Palin: Thank You Senator Rand Paul

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Thank you to Sen. Rand Paul for running a positive, principled and productive campaign for President. His voice was one of the most important in the race – with a strong message articulating the beauty of liberty and the importance of standing firm on constitutional principles. Rand is one of the few understanding how to bring the conservative liberty message to new audiences. He’s grown the movement and I respect him enormously for that, and for his healthy libertarian streak that so many of us share. Specifically appreciated is Rand’s take on war: we ONLY go with a path to victory! And we quit footing the bill for everyone else.

I was proud to be an early supporter of Sen. Paul’s first campaign for US Senate in 2010 and today am pledging to do all I can to make sure this strong leader returns to the Senate in 2016. Stand With Rand by making a donation big or small here –

– Sarah Palin





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