Gov. Sarah Palin: Who is best on debt, the economy, and jobs?

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For President: who is best on national debt, the economy, jobs?

*Who’s the only candidate who hasn’t voted to add to our $19 trillion debt, and…

*hasn’t voted for Obama’s devastating fast-tracked TPP trade deal;

*is expert on national and international trade and economics, actually understanding our destructive, unbalanced trade deals that are struck as favors for the cause of crony capitalism;

*operates in the real world on balanced budgets instead of supporting annual unsustainable deficits, recklessly rolling along spending other people’s money;

*actually creates private sector jobs to secure the middle class instead of supporting bureaucratic agencies that chase our businesses out of country;

*hasn’t enticed illegal immigrants with taxpayers’ “free stuff” – and even their gifts of teddy bears and soccer balls – to illegally cross the border and take American jobs for corporate campaign donors’ cheap labor;

*inappropriately prioritized tax dollars that’s led to illegals receiving better care than our Vets;

*understands and supports Constitutional government and rule of law – which is abused by politicians supporting their exemption from laws they foist on you, including Obamacare; citizen’s tax laws; FOIA, disclosure, and privacy rules; etc.

*has self-funded months of his campaign to break donor class shackles that own other candidates;

*hasn’t lived off the government teat an entire career but, like you, has had to put up with an out-of-control government while working, building, employing, generously giving, and creating equal opportunity for families to reach their American dream?

*… and who’s unarguable record of success proves the will and ability to fight victoriously for our country, which will empower We the People to make America great again?

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