Gov’t Tax Attorney Backs Trump on Tax Returns • Bill Kristol Loses It

February 26th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Robert Kovacev, a former Senior Council with the Department of Justice’s tax division told CNN that Donald Trump is getting “good advice” not to release his tax returns in the middle of an IRS audit.



Kovacev completely debunked Marco Rubio’s talking points that somehow the release of Trump’s tax returns could reveal the extent of Trump’s wealth. Kovacev went on further to explain that Mitt Romney’s assertion that the tax returns would prove damaging to questions regarding Donald Trump’s charitable contribution were without merit.

CNN news host Erin Burnett then brought in Trump supporter Andy Dean to debate the issue with ‘Weekly Standard’ editor Bill Kristol.

Kristol, a perpetual denier of the inevitability of Trump’s presidential bid nonetheless chose to resume Rubio’s and Romney’s arguments, despite the fact that the tax attorney from the Justice Department found them unconvincing.

Trump supporter Andy Dean, who was hired by Trump to run ‘Trump Productions’ after a stint on ‘The Apprentice’, drove Bill Kristol into knots in the ensuing debate.






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