Hot Air | A Trump/Kasich ticket?

Allahpundit, Hot Air:

Maybe his purpose is to be VP to the one guy in the race who’s more annoying than he is. And the thing is, he’d actually be a good match for Trump in many ways. The Republican establishment will lean heavily on Trump to name a known commodity, someone with lots of government experience, as his veep in order to reassure swing voters in the fall that his administration wouldn’t be filled with loose cannons. Kasich, who spent years in Congress before becoming governor, is a perfect fit. Like Trump, Kasich is a centrist; conceivably he’d be more open to some of Trump’s dalliances with left-wing economic policy than most other Republicans would. Like Trump, Kasich has working-class appeal. He comes from a blue-collar family whereas Trump sounds like he comes from a blue-collar family. Arguably, Trump/Kasich is as strong a Republican ticket as you could imagine if you’re aiming to clean up with working-class whites in the Rust Belt. They’d be the favorite in Ohio against Hillary and might put Michigan in play. Kasich will never get closer to the White House than he would as Trump’s right-hand man. The only question is whether he finds Trump so distasteful, and so anathema to Reaganesque conservatism, that he couldn’t in good conscience serve with him. I’m betting … no, he doesn’t.


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