Is The @TedCruz Campaign Lying About Something Else Too?

via The Conservative Treehouse:


cruz lies


Referring to bullet point #1.  “I will never get — nor do I want — money from the DC lobbyists”, look at the truth:


cruz donors 2


Almost all of these donors are Washington DC lobbyists.  All of them directly funding Ted Cruz, not a Super-PAC, but his direct campaign. – SEE FOR YOURSELF –  The entire statement:

…”I will never get — nor do I want — money from the DC lobbyists”…

…is a flat out lie.  It is not a misstatement, it is a complete and total falsehood.

Then take a look at the #2 Bullet Point: “After winning Iowa the Washington cartel is most certainly more determined than ever defeat me”.  Again, look at the truth:


sft 3


Stand for Truth is the Super-PAC of Mitch McConnell’s attorney.  You don’t get much more “inside the DC cartel” than that.   Notice they were funding support for Ted Cruz in Iowa.  –SEE FOR YOURSELF –  See All Filings HERE

It certainly doesn’t appear the DC Cartel is out to defeat Ted Cruz.

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