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The lamestream media is at it again

It’s bad enough that prominent public figures like GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin have to face falsehoods and disgusting lies on a daily basis, but now American citizens working for a better tomorrow are being dragged into the muck that hides behind the grossly inaccurate title of “journalism”.

In the February 16, 2016 edition of The Dallas Morning News, Brandi Grissom authored a Trump hit piece titled ‘List of Texas Women for Trump includes women who aren’t for Trump‘. That headline would suggest some huge scandal. The words “political fraud” are even recklessly included in the write-up. Unfortunately for the Trump haters and disingenuous writers, there’s nothing to this faux narrative. A little digging and commonsense would show any actual journalist that this big exposé-that-never-was, is nothing more than an example of some sloppy social media work. Any inaccuracies have nothing to do with the Trump campaign. Of course, the media likes to insinuate the opposite for political gain.

Were some people included in the list in question that are not Trump supporters? Yes. But the reason has no malice behind it. Instead, it was a simple oversight via Facebook.

Basically, people were added to a pro-Trump group on Facebook. This is a common practice. People can freely leave such groups or set their account settings to avoid being added in the future. It isn’t rocket science. It’s really nothing. But, when there’s an agenda to push down our throats, some will stop at nothing to advance an idea, true or false. Media and politicians constantly omit or add words to turn a story in their favor. It’s dirty. Someone could just as easily create an ‘I Love Gluten’ group and add all their gluten-free pals. There’s really no difference than what happened with this Trump group. Talk about much ado about nothing.  It’s yet another media-created dastardly deed.


Mama Grizzly Radio, our host/creator Kevin Scholla, and one of our contributors Dena Miller are all mentioned in the piece by Grissom. Perhaps Miller lends the most clarity to this whole dust up. “I’m a PROUD Trump supporter,” Miller said. “I call chicken sh*t on Dallas Morning News for the negative spin regarding names on the list. Yes, a reporter called women she found on a Facebook group and a couple of them said they didn’t know how they got on the group.

It’s a no brainer to me as soon as I saw the headline. It’s a simple mistake. The lady who started the group should have done it as a PAGE where people invite others to join, rather than a GROUP where you add people. I personally have five thousand friends on one page. There’s no way of knowing who is or isn’t a Trump supporter.

Some clearly didn’t realize the Add feature wasn’t an invitation to join. Just honest mistakes. Those women could have removed themselves anytime they wanted, I’m sure. Gee whiz! Why not focus on why the women who ARE supporting Trump choose to do so?”

We all know the answer to that question. Slanted media trying to create a narrative to harm Mr. Trump. Unlike the milquetoasts in Washington, DC however, we at Mama Grizzly Radio and Texas Women for Trump Coalition will not be bullied. Instead we will take a page from Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Just like these great American patriots, we will call out the lying media and lying politicians at every turn.

Mama Grizzly Radio is standing by Miller and all of the wonderful women in the Texas Women for Trump Coalition. “Dena (Miller) is a wonderful person and a passionate Trump supporter,” Scholla said. “We appreciate all she does to promote Mr. Trump and his run for the White House. Mama Grizzly Radio has endorsed Donald Trump as well and we will not tolerate misrepresentation of the facts.

Liberals and media elites will have you believe that Americans are not smart enough to vote without having their hands held. I suppose they also feel Americans are too dumb to remove themselves from a Facebook group, too.

This is just another silly attempt to slam Mr. Trump, which likely will give him another boost in the polls. While this newspaper and others continue their petty shenanigans, we intend to focus on the real issues and do our part in helping Mr. Trump Make America Great Again.”

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02-18-16 MGR - No, we ain't gonna take it

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