NY Daily News | Let’s face it, Mrs. Clinton is a victim of sexism

Bryce Covert, New York Daily News:

Does sexism have anything to do with the intense animosity some Americans, including some Democrats, feel for Hillary Clinton? Yes.

There are plenty of substantive reasons to disfavor Clinton or to favor Bernie Sanders. Many find Clinton too hawkish on foreign policy. Others are attracted to the boldness of Sanders’ calls for free college or single-payer health care. Others don’t believe someone who has taken money from banks can be trusted to regulate them. That’s all fair game.

But there are other reasons, having nothing to do with policy, to disfavor Clinton that keep cropping up. It’s her voice, which becomes “screaming” or “angry” when she raises it, even though Sanders’ natural speaking voice could be characterized as a yell (to say nothing of Donald Trump’s).

It’s her personality; she’s both boring and inauthentic at the same time that she’s an emasculating ball buster.


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