#Oscars: “And The Award For BEST LIAR Goes To Senator @TedCruz Of Texas”

The most shocking thing about the lies of Senator Ted Cruz aren’t necessarily the lies themselves. It’s the seemingly effortless, and convincing, way his words melodically flow while he lies. He’s a good actor. For this reason, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should award a special Oscar tonight. A special Oscar, to Senator Ted Cruz, for Best Performance of a Lie to the American People.

The problem the Academy voters will face is which lie to choose from. Which lie is Senator Ted Cruz’s best lie? There have been so many lies told by the fallen senator. I think the Academy should choose the lie Senator Cruz told about money, and who gives money to his campaign. This lie, is the biggest disappointment in the once great senator. Cruz has made a career pretending to fight the DC Cartel, a phrase which I believe he coined himself, unfortunately his campaign money includes donations from the DC Cartel that he pretends to be against.

Here is the best lie of Senator Cruz for the Academy to consider:

Senator Cruz lied about being against special interest millionaires, DC Lobbyists, Wall Street etc. We’ve all heard him say this with deep conviction. The problem is it’s not true. It’s a lie. To begin with, Mrs. Ted Cruz, his wife Heidi is an Investment Manager at Goldman Sachs. Didn’t Goldman Sachs take a $10 billion government bail-out? I digress. The Cruz Campaign sends out quotes like this from the senator “I will never get — or do I want — money from the D.C. lobbyists or the special interest billionaires”. The problem with these quotes from the senator is, it’s not true. It’s a lie. As Governor Sarah Palin, and others, have pointed out this lie from Ted Cruz is easily proven when we look at his campaign donation disclosures.

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Best of luck tonight to all the nominees of the 88th Academy Awards, even hypothetical ones!

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