Palin endorsed Trump over Cruz: Get Over It!

by Ron Devito, Publisher, US for Palin

As published in the US for Palin Newsletter – February 12, 2016 Edition


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With Donald Trump’s YUGE Win in New Hampshire, this was a much better week. Donald Trump now has 17 delegates out of the 1,237 he needs to win the GOP nomination.

Some Cruzers are still caught up in what can best be described as enraged entitlement over the Palin nod going to Trump. Unhinged former supporters in full meltdown have called her among other things, a “political whore,” “sell-out” and a “traitor” to conservatives. Just because Cruz got her endorsement for his Senate does not mean he’s entitled to it for his Presidential run. Nor does Cruz’s claim of being a “consistent conservative” – which is certainly debatable – entitle him to a Palin endorsement.

Anyone who has supported Sarah Palin over the past eight years knows she has endorsed Tea Party candidates, establishment stalwarts, RINOs, libertarians, candidates registered in the conservative party and candidates registered in no party. Sarah Palin picks the person who she believes can best do the job, not the purest ideologue.

We can look back to her endorsement of Carly Fiorina in 2010 for a U.S. Senate seat in California vs. Chuck DeVore, the Tea Party favorite and see history repeating itself now with Trump vs. Cruz. Sarah Palin lost many “fair weather” supporters because she picked the best conservative she thought could win over the more pure ideologue. Witness too, the meltdowns among Palinistas any time she even says anything nice about John McCain, who she endorsed once and may very well endorse again for Senate. Bottom line: if you still feel enraged entitlement over the Trump endorsement – get over it and get over yourself. Sarah Palin doesn’t care and neither do we. The endorsement was made and it’s not going to be re-litigated.

Sarah Palin has also has posed for pictures with people like Oprah Winfrey – whose show she went on to promote Going Rogue – and she posed with Al Sharpton on Saturday Night Live last year. Much to the consternation and anger of many of her supporters. On her first day in office as Governor, she could have made a grandstand and vetoed benefits for same-sex state employees in her state. After all, it would have given her “true conservative” and Evangelical street cred. On reading the state Constitution, she signed the benefits into law. We’re amazed at how little some eight-year veteran Palin supporters know about the woman they claim to know everything about.

We addressed the hate and vitriol being spewed by candidates and their supporters and how it helps the Democrats. Second Amendment advocate Jan Morgan wrote about this very issue.

Sarah Palin Stumps With Trump (484x252)Though Trump is a conservative – Peace Through Strength, eliminating Common Core and closing down wasteful bureaucracies, securing our borders, fighting Jihadists, pro-Second Amendment, and wants to simplify and reduce federal taxes – he is not running as a conservative ideologue.

His campaign is pushing Americanism, not conservative fanaticism and has attracted a broad spectrum of support similar to how Reagan attracted many Democrats and independents. See Ed Fertik’s excellent posts here and here.

A national election cannot be won solely on conservative ideology. You may not want to hear that, but simple math supports this statement. There are more Democrats and Independents combined than Republicans by at least a third. Republicans therefore need a significant chunk of independent voters and some cross-over Democrats to win. We don’t achieve this by being RINO, but we do achieve it by making our conservative message resonate among the electorate, which Trump is doing as reflected by his numbers.





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