The Tragedy Of Ted Cruz

Like many other concerned citizens I busted my butt to help Ted Cruz win the Texas GOP Senate Primary in 2012. Everything was stacked against us. He was the underdog. Both President Bush’s and Vice President Cheney were campaigning for his GOP establishment opponent. But with hard work, and bold determination, we won. For the time being.

Now, we’re in the 2016 GOP presidential primary, and we can hardly recognize the man we believed in. The man who used the truth as his weapon. The man who took a stand against politicians taking their marching orders from big donors – instead of answering to us. What happened to that guy? What happened to the senator who fought tooth and nail in committee against bought and paid for senators as they tried to pass legislation benefiting the big donors who put them in the senate? What happened to the man who used logic, reason, and most sacredly – the truth, to fight for the little guy? Where is he?

These once noble character traits are gone. Cruz has said time and time again, that he does not want money from D.C. lobbyists, and special interest billionaires. Sadly, for the innocent people he’s snookered into supporting him, Senator Cruz’s presidential campaign is being paid for by D.C. lobbyists, and special interest billionaires. This means that he’ll have some debts to be paid back if elected. Heck, even as the GOP nominee his messaging would have to align with the pursuits of the D.C. lobbyists and special interest billionaires currently paying for his expensive campaign.

This isn’t my opinion. This is the truth. It’s not hard to prove. When we compare what the Senator says to the electorate with the data readily available from the Federal Election Commission, we see Ted Cruz is, in fact, taking money from D.C. lobbyists, and special interest billionaires. The Cruz campaign is being funded by the same people he preaches against.

I’m not sorry, nor do I hold any bad feelings, for our strenuous activities to elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate in 2012. I believe the senate is a better place with him in it. He needs to stay there. Ted Cruz needs to stay in the senate, eat some crow, apologize for his lies, and then hopefully he’ll be able to rehab his credibility. The Senator would make a great Supreme Court Justice some day. That is, if he will unburden his soul, and publicly atone for his sins committed in this campaign.


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