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Barack_Obama_damn_statisticsHere’s a jaw-dropping fact about our nation Obama will NEVER brag about

by The Analytical Economist on March 1, 2016

Obama once said his economy is better “by every metric” than when he took office – a claim so ridiculous even the center-left fact-checkers at Politifact had to rate as “mostly false.”

Anyone who’s heard politicians talk knows there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

Choose your category, but many of the alleged successes Obama touts are what Mark Twain famously called the third kind of lies. While he boasts unemployment rates have fallen during his administration, we haven’t seen the benefits – such as reduced dependency on welfare, and reduced poverty.

As reported by MRC TV: Despite the unemployment rate being at an eight-year low (4.9 percent as of January 2016), the number of people on food stamps remains near an all-time high which was 47,636,000 in 2013.  (


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