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Hasidic Jewish FamilyHere’s how Trump managed to court the most unlikely of demographics

by Olivia Becer | March 12, 2016

Chaim Schlaff was born and raised in a Hasidic Jewish community in London.

He now lives in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, and describes himself as a “proud legal immigrant.” He is also an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter.

Schlaff says he “loves” the way Trump speaks and so do most of his friends: “He talks about everything we think.”

Schlaff is not the only member of the Hasidic community in the greater New York City area that feels this way about Trump.

According to many Hasidic voters and political commentators, Trump has sparked an undeniable interest in parts of this culturally isolated world.

“Among my circle of friends, at least 90 percent [support] Trump,” said Yanky Lichtman, a Trump supporter who lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, one of the biggest Orthodox Jewish communities in the New York area.

David Gross, a Hasid who lives in Brooklyn, said he was never interested in politics before this election, but “when Trump decided to run I got excited.”

“He is honest, an everyday person,” Gross said. “A lot of people I know agree with him, but they just don’t want to say it.” Gross added that he’d probably just sit out the general election if Trump was not the Republican nominee because “it won’t be as interesting.”

Jacob Kornbluh, a New York-based Orthodox political reporter for the news site Jewish Insider, says that there is “no question support for Trump is widespread” within the Hasidic community. The majority of Hasidic voters he’s spoken to have said they plan on supporting Trump, although Kornbluh says that he has also found support for Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz within the community. But for the average Hasidic voter, says Kornbluh, “Trump is their guy.” (Read More)


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