Christian Post | Jerry Falwell Jr. Blames Rally Violence on Donald Trump’s Success

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Jerry Fallwell Jr. (200x200)Jerry Falwell Jr. Blames Rally Violence on Donald Trump’s Success, Radical Left

by Stoyan Zaimov | March 18, 2016

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said that the recent violent clashes at Donald Trump rallies are largely due to the billionaire businessman’s “incredible” success at the polls terrifying both Republicans and Democrats.

“I believe the primary factors responsible for the hostilities are rooted in Donald Trump’s successes at the polls: the Republican establishment has as its legacy a string of unkept promises to both conservative and to Christian voters as well as to blue collar workers and the middle class in the United States over the last few decades,” Falwell told The Christian Post in a statement, responding to unrest at Trump’s rallies that forced him to cancel last week’s Chicago event.

“Voters no longer trust or believe what establishment candidates are saying and have turned to candidates who are outsiders. The Republican establishment is terrified by this development and is frankly still in denial that it has happened. The behavior of the Republican establishment made Donald Trump’s rise possible and the protests in downtown Chicago are simply the reaction of the radical left to Trump’s success,” he added.

The Liberty University President further argued that Republicans are “fearful of a candidate they cannot control,” and added that the left is also “fearful of a Republican candidate who will not acquiesce to the agenda of the left,” blaming congressional Republicans of giving President Barack Obama a “blank check” over the past seven years.

“At the end of the day, though, the protest in Chicago resulted from Trump’s incredible and unexpected wins at the polls. In politics, sometimes the best measure of success is the reaction of your enemies,” he added. (Read More)


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