CNS | Netanyahu: ‘The Terrorists Have No Resolvable Grievances’

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by Susan Jones | March 23, 2016

On a day when terror attacks in Brussels saddened the civilized world, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that what happened in Europe is part of “one continuous attack on all of us.”

“In all these cases, the terrorists have no resolvable grievances,” Netanyahu said. “It’s not as if we could offer them Brussels or Istanbul or California or even the West Bank. That won’t satisfy their grievances, because what they seek is our utter destruction and their total domination. Their basic demand is that we should simply disappear.”

Netanyahu, who has long experience battling terrorists who seek the annhilation of Israel, said the only way to defeat them is to “join together and fight them together…with political unity and with moral clarity.”

Later in his speech, Netanyahu addressed the continuing efforts by Palestinians leaders to raise a generation of children with “murderous hatred” for Israel.

“Palestinian children are taught to stab Jews. They’re taught that the goal of the Palestinian people is not to establish a state on the West Bank, but in all of Israel, in Akko, Haifa, Nazareth, Jaffa.”

Netanyahu also criticized the United Nations for maligning Israel:

“At the U.N., Israel, the Middle East’s only true Democracy, is slandered like no other country on Earth. At the U.N., Israel is subjected to consistent, systematic discrimination. Only Israel is permanently scheduled for condemnation at the U.N. Human Rights Council. Not Iran, not Syria, not North Korea.

Netanyahu questioned why anyone would think that the U.N. could impose peace terms on Israel, when it is allowing Palestinians to think they can “stab their way to a state.” (Read More)

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