Crystal Wright | How Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families

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Black Voters - Democrat (200x200)How Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families

by Crystal Wright | March 29, 2016

It’s well known how in 1965 Daniel Patrick Moynihan, assistant secretary of labor to Democrat President Johnson, warned that the black family was on the verge of a “complete breakdown” because of growing illegitimacy rates: in 1963 the out-of-wedlock birth rate for whites was 3 percent, and for blacks it was 23.6 percent.

Moynihan was part of a generation of Democrats who cared about lifting blacks up into the ranks of equal opportunity with whites, back in the days before the Democrat Party became completely morally corrupt.

In his 1965 “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” Moynihan observed that because more blacks were being born into unmarried homes, more blacks were becoming dependent on welfare to survive.

Ever since, the problem has only gotten worse.

The majority of black babies are being born to single mothers—a prescription for a life of poverty and crime. And despite the warnings that have sounded off loudly for over half a century, Democrats have done nothing to stop blacks, their most steadfast constituents, from having babies they can’t take care of. This problem has perpetuated itself for generations, producing generational poverty among blacks.

If black lives truly matter, as Democrats shout at the top of their lungs, why don’t they promulgate policies that encourage blacks to get married before they have kids?

But what’s bad for blacks translates into a high rate of return on investment for Democrats. Marketing the “no baby daddy” syndrome to blacks has translated into votes, lots of votes, approaching 100 percent from blacks over the past half century. And the black family has been dismembered in the process, like the fetuses Planned Parenthood chops up to sell for profit. Democrats don’t quit while they’re ahead. No, the donkey party doubles down on evil. (Read More)


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