Dan Bongino | Why Do Liberals Give Big Government a Free Pass?

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Dan Bongino (200x200)Why Do Liberals Give Big Government a Free Pass?

by Dan Bongino | March 31, 2016

I really don’t get it. I cannot understand why the modern liberal trusts the government to solve their problems. To accomplish this irrational and unreasonable feat, the modern liberal must put aside common sense, reason, and they must also disregard centuries of history. Now, I understand why the organized far-left seeks power and control over the culture, the economy, the health care system and the education system, but it’s difficult for me to process how so many people are so easily suckered by the government’s obviously false promises.

Why do liberals give government a free pass? Think for a moment about all of the questions we ask when we are handling our own money and economic affairs, that liberals do not ask of the government when it takes our money. If I was dealing with a group of businessmen seeking a large investment in their new company, and they were asking for a substantial portion of my income, I would want to know what business successes they’ve had in the past, what market research they’ve done, what education and expertise they have, why they think their business model is going to fill some compelling need, and how they are going to manage their cash flows. Doctrinaire liberals do none of this when it comes to government.

Any rational person asking these questions would come to a few conclusions. First, most politicians are ignorant of even the basic of economic principles and couldn’t tell the difference between the gold standard and the golden calf. This alone should be a major red flag for any liberal turning over large portions of their income to politicians and bureaucrats, but it gets worse. (Read More)


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