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It’s incumbent on conservatives and libertarians to try to influence him.

By 3.3.16

[…] what activists and policy wonks in the conservative and libertarian movements — people who have spent years committed to individual liberty, limited government, and a strong national defense — should do now is reach out to Trump and encourage him to take up their cause.

The conventional wisdom right now is that Trump can’t beat Clinton because his negatives are too high. But the conventional wisdom also said that Trump’s candidacy would either fizzle out or self-destruct. After South Carolina, the conventional wisdom was that Trump’s vote ceiling was about 35 percent and that Rubio would benefit much more than Trump from Jeb Bush dropping out of the race. The Nevada Caucus put the lie to that.

Thus, Trump could very well reach the Oval Office, and it would be unwise to let him do so without an attempt to influence him toward views that are consistent with expanding liberty, reducing government, and keeping America strong abroad. As the New York Times reported a few weeks ago, the Republican “establishment” is more than willing to woo him at the expense of Cruz. It is time for conservatives and libertarians to engage in a wooing of their own.

Fortunately, it appears a few already have. Art Laffer and Stephen Moore are rumored to have advised Trump on tax policy, while William Bennett has conferred with him on education policy. Whether this means Trump is open to hearing from other conservative and libertarian voices — well, who knows given his mercurial personality? But it is enough of a reason to make an attempt.  (Read More)


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