Governor Palin endorses Col. Rob Maness • Louisiana Senate

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With a Servant’s Heart, Col. Rob Maness (ret.) for US Senate!

Louisiana gets to send a worthy fighter – a true outsider – a champion for the red, white and blue – to fight for our country in the US Senate. It’s a privilege to endorse Col. Rob Maness (USAF-ret) for US Senate.

Like you, I feel like I’ve heard it all before – candidates who claim to be the “real deal” then get to Washington and sell us down the river. Instead of mere words, let’s consider what a candidate has done with their life – not what they say they’ll do with ours. Col. Maness has done so much good:

– Col. Maness is a 32-year decorated combat veteran whose story of service is incredible – from commanding the 6th largest Air Force base in the world, to rushing back into the burning embers of the Pentagon to search for colleagues on September 11th, Rob has faced down challenges tougher than a political campaign!

– Commanding 23,000 members of our military and civilians teaches you how to bring diverse groups, individuals and interests together to achieve common goals. In Rob’s case, the security of our country was the goal. This is leadership -proven leadership – something we desperately need in Washington.

– Rob has actually secured a border – 52,000 acres housing some of our nation’s most strategic security assets and personnel just 300 miles from the porous US/Mexico border. Rob knows how to secure the border because he HAS secured a border! Americans for Legal Immigration has endorsed him.

– The Maness family tradition of service to our nation dates back to the Revolutionary War. Rob is the son of a veteran and he and his wife, Candy, are parents to three sons currently serving. Louisiana’s veterans will have an advocate – one of their own who knows first hand the issues with the VA – as a strong advocate for them in the US Senate.

– I’m guessing Rob’s the only candidate in the race with a conceal carry permit, as he’s seen personally the value of our 2nd amendment and he’s got the backing of the National Association for Gun Rights.

– As the parent of a beautiful special needs child, Rob and Candy know first hand the miracle of LIFE and the importance of protecting it.

Bayou politics are far from boring. Louisiana’s unique “jungle primary” provides a great opportunity for a true outsider like Col. Maness to break through the pack of eight career politicians he’s up against. His opponents have a collective 116 years in office; one started as a liberal lobbyist and has been in office since 1988; one is considered among the top Congressional supporters of Palestine; one has argued that “we don’t have enough illegal aliens”; and another one was a deciding vote for Obamacare. And those are just his fellow REPUBLICANS in the race!

Louisiana – please send Col. Rob Maness to the US Senate. He’s not a politician. Thank goodness. He has pledged to only serve two terms and is obviously not seeking power or glory. He truly has a servant’s heart. He is a fighter for freedom with a distinguished record to show for it. He has the proven leadership skills Congress so desperately needs. The Colonel’s record of service proves beyond a doubt his strength, wisdom, and love of country. Col. Rob Maness has what it takes to help make America great again.

Sarah Palin

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