Jason Hart | Kasich’s kamikaze campaign zeroes in on Ohio

Jason Hart, Hot Air:

If you’re hoping another poor debate showing prompts Ohio Gov. John Kasich to suspend his presidential campaign — don’t.

Many observers have remarked on Kasich’s lack of organization, lack of funding, single-digit poll numbers, and thinly-veiled hatred of Republican primary voters as reasons he should maybe stop pursuing the Republican nomination for president.

None of these things matter to Kasich. The only thing that does is Ohio’s March 15 primary.

Kasich’s single-state campaign in New Hampshire got a lower percentage of votes than Jon Huntsman won before dropping out in 2012, but his 2nd-place finish was enough to spin as the early “win” Kasich needed to continue.

Sure, Kasich finished 8th of 10 in Iowa, 5th of 6 in South Carolina, and 5th of 5 in Nevada. Those states aren’t Ohio, which is — I’ve just been handed this breaking news — the state where John Kasich is governor.


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