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Republicans for Hillary (200x200)Republican Elite Determined to Elect Hillary

by Jeff Crouere | March 19, 2016

The hysteria coming from GOP conservative purists and party insiders about Donald Trump is reaching ridiculous proportions.

The problem for these Trump haters is that he has garnered an impressive 7.5 million votes to date, along with 679 delegates. In the process, he has won 19 states, more than double the number for his nearest competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He is clearly energizing Americans across the country and winning in every region of the country.

While winning, he is bringing in new voters who have not supported a Republican candidate in decades. The old “Reagan Democrat” coalition of blue collar, working class and union members see Donald Trump as a champion for their values and a candidate with an answer to their ever growing economic woes.

The problem is that the elite of both parties have been perfectly comfortable relegating millions of working class Americans to the dustbin of history.

On Thursday, a group convened by Republican blogger and commentator Eric Erickson met in Washington D.C. in a desperate move to stop Donald Trump from securing the GOP presidential nomination. This effort did not impress former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who said that the group, “ought to at least be honest and say to people, ‘You know, I’d rather have Hillary Clinton than the Republican nominee,’ because that’s what they’re doing.

The consultants, experts, analysts, party bosses and purists have not gotten anything right in this year’s Republican Party presidential race.

These critics should realize that someone with such broad and loyal support deserves the nomination and has a real chance to be elected President. Unfortunately, the sad, but disturbing, truth is that many in the Republican Party leadership would much prefer President Hillary Clinton to President Donald Trump. (Read More)


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