John Bolton: FBI will “explode” if Hillary Clinton is not indicted

March 21st, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton believes that the FBI will “explode” if Hillary Clinton is not indicted for the mishandling of classified emails due to political interference from the Obama White House.


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“I think that the pressure is definitely building”

“What Hillary Clinton and her top aides did is not just make a few small violations of laws to protect classified information.”

“They made wholesale violations and they did it for a sustained, indeed for a four-year period.”



“So this is far more serious than what happened to General Petraeus. And it’s one reason why I think that both the FBI, and I believe  the people in the Justice Department, the prosecutors who would oversee the handling of the case, are moving more and more to the conclusion that serious indictments are warranted here.”

“Now look, it’s possible in this administration that politics can triumph over the legalities. But I think if that does happen, there’s a real risk for Obama and for the Attorney General that the FBI will explode. And a lot of things that we don’t know about, that are not on the public record at the moment, will come on the public record.”

“It may not be the same thing as firing Archibald Cox in the Watergate investigation, but if this potential prosecution is tanked for political reasons, it will be a very loud explosion.  And it will stain Obama’s legacy forever. It will damage Loretta Lynch’s professional reputation, and I think it will have a profound impact on the presidential election as well.”


Bolton spoke yesterday with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio:




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