Katrina Pierson & David Plouffe Analyze a Clinton / Trump Election

March 3rd 2016 • iizthatiiz



In a remarkably candid segment, Barack Obama’s national campaign manager David Plouffe and Trump national spokesperson Katrina Pierson look ahead to a general election match-up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


03-02-16 David Plouffe


“There’s not a scenario that somehow Trump completely implodes.”

“You better not assume it’s going to be an easy race.”


03-02-16 Katrina Pierson


“Mr. Trump is bringing out voters that no other Republican in this race could ever do.”

“He’s bringing in States that other Republicans cannot take into play.”


“I really want to address this idea where you have the establishment coming out, and all of the elected officials that are coming out against Mr. Trump, saying that we should not have Mr. Trump in the nomination .. I just want to remind you and the viewers that these are the same people that lost two elections in a row.” – Katrina Pierson





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