#LyinTed BusTED: Ted Cruz In Violation Of FEC Finance Rules

Ted Cruz is in some trouble with the FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION

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(Read the letter the FEC sent to Cruz below)

Is this why Lyin Ted Cruz hired Jeb Bush’s financial team? Apparently his campaign is running out of money and he’s turned to the same DC Cartel he tells his supporters he is against to bail his dying campaign out. Ted Cruz just sold himself to the GOP Establishment. They now own him. It is dishonest to say Ted Cruz is an outsider. Ted Cruz is an insiderTed Cruz is a bought and paid for insider. Period.

In order for LyinTed Cruz’s dying campaign to continue he must now rely on corporate sponsorship, Super-PAC’s, and big donors. The same corporate sponsors, Super-PAC’s, and big donors Ted Cruz dishonestly tells his supporters he is against. Ted Cruz is a liar. Any normal person can see this. This isn’t hard to understand.

Maybe this is why long time GOP establishment member Senator Lindsey Graham is holding a big donor fundraiser for Lyin Ted?

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