Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC cries racism one time too many

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Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC cries racism one time too many

by Kevin Fobbs

In Melissa Harris-Perry’s dismissal, there will be no storming of the gates or the MSNBC building to place her back in her imagined rightful place as host. We are all bored with her.

03-02-16 Melissa Harris-Perry - Kevin Fobbs


For many liberals crying racism has become the “go to” phrase when it appears they need to dramatize some political point. Unfortunately for Melissa Harris-Perry when she uttered those all too familiar words, she was targeting her own network MSNBC.

Management did not take her battle cry too kindly and her Saturday morning news show which has been on the air since 2012 was promptly cancelled.

Anyone who is familiar with the liberal darts and arrows that she has hurled over the years on her show at conservatives, Christian causes and especially at the GOP, her dismissal may seem long overdue.

Yet, is there a valid point to her accusations she raised against her former network bosses?

The Saturday morning host of the NBC Universal-owned cable-news outlet, has claimed that her show was preempted over the past several weeks far too many times. She claims that this action was a demonstration of racism.

Yet, unfortunately for the former news show host, her timing and her claims appears to carry little or no weight.

The stark reality is clear, MSNBC has been bleeding red ink in the ratings war and is well behind CNN and Fox News. According to the New York Times, the network is in the midst of an overhaul which will be focused on more news and not so much on her racism and social justice alleged infractions.

The democrat and GOP primaries are news and her show has been preempted when there were primaries being held on the Saturdays which is when her show aired. That is the reality of being on a news network when political news is occurring you get bumped.

But that is not how the she saw it. She instead went even further to showcase her accusations of racism.  (Read More)


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