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Russia: N.Korean threats becoming legal grounds for military force

by Chad O’Carroll | March 8, 2016

North Korean threats to deliver “preventive nuclear strikes” could create a legal basis for the use of military force against the country, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned on Monday.

The Russian statement, which follows a North Korean response to the largest joint U.S.-South Korea military drills to ever occur on the peninsula, underscores growing concern about developments between the two Koreas.

“We consider it to be absolutely impermissible to make public statements containing threats to deliver some ‘preventive nuclear strikes’ against opponents,” a translation of the Russian Foreign Ministry response to North Korea’s threats said on Monday.

“Pyongyang should be aware of the fact that in this way the DPRK will become fully opposed to the international community and will create international legal grounds for using military force against itself in accordance with the right of a state to self-defense enshrined in the United Nations Charter,” the statement, translated by ITAR TASS, continued.

Washington and Seoul’s joint Foal Eagle and Key Resolve military exercises kicked off on Monday, the largest joint drills to ever take place on the peninsula, largely responding to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test in January and February rocket launch.

But while the statement said Moscow was opposed to the tone of North Korea’s response, it also said the scale of the joint exercise put “unprecedented … military and political pressure on Pyongyang.”

“Naturally, as a state, which is directly named as an object of this kind of military activities, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) cannot but feel reasonably concerned for its security,” the statement said.

Russia has historically had close relations with North Korea, making its warning of a legal basis for military action against the country particularly notable. (Read More)


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