Paul Mirengoff | Is There Any Honor In Winning The D.C. GOP Primary?

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Is There Any Honor In Winning The D.C. GOP Primary?

by Paul Mirengoff | March 12, 2016

The District of Columbia held its primary today. It wasn’t held in a phone booth, exactly, but it did take place at a single location — the Loews Madison Hotel. Formerly known as the Madison, this luxury hotel made its name as a favorite hangout of lobbyists. Make of that what you will.

Marco Rubio won the primary, narrowly edging out John Kasich. The tally was 1,059 to 1,009. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were way behind at 391 and 351, respectively. 14 stalwart Cartelists voted for Jeb Bush. I think I might be able to name most of them.

The results mean that Rubio and Kasich will split D.C’s 19 delegates. Rubio gets 10; Kasich 9.

One imagines that Cruz would have been embarrassed had he won the D.C. primary. After all, this was literally an inside-the-beltway affair. Had the “Washington Cartel” embraced Cruz, he would have had some explaining to do. (Read More)


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