Peter Schweizer | “The Clintons function as kind of a political Mafia”

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Peter Schweizer (200x200)Peter Schweizer: The Clintons ‘Function as a Kind of Political Mafia’

by John Hayward | March 30, 2016

“If you think about it, the Clintons are like lots of other politicians. They love money,” Schweizer agreed. “They love taking peoples’ money, and I would say with the Clintons, you kind of have it on steroids.”

“But you have this pesky problem in the United States: you can’t take foreign money for a presidential campaign,” he continued. “It’s against the law. You can’t be a foreign corporation and set up a Super PAC for a campaign… You’ve got these rules in the United States that say foreign entities can’t give. So the Clintons say, ‘Hey, we’ve just got to figure out a way around that.’”

A key part of the Clinton system is the infamous speeches given by Bill and Hillary to foreign interests and corporations seeking favor with the U.S. government, raking in fantastically inflated speaking fees.

“It’s a way, effectively, to get around those campaign laws,” Schweizer explained. “Hillary Clinton running for President in 2008, if you’re a foreign oligarch, you can’t give to her campaign, but you can have Bill Clinton give a 20-minute speech for half a million dollars, or you can make a $5 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, and you’ve got access every bit as much as if you had raised money for their political campaign. That’s really what the Clintons have done.”

“The Clintons function as kind of a political Mafia,” he said, recalling how reporters from major mainstream media outlets told him the consequences of writing a harsh story about the Bushes usually boiled down to “a terse email” complaining about unfair reporting, while reporters who write stories critical of the Clintons are liable to find teams of Clinton political operatives storming into the editor’s office and demanding they be fired. (Read More)

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