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Kingmakers Don’t Even Change Location
Let Alone Plans for the Nation

March 8, 2016

Saint Louis, MO: Phyllis Schlafly today released the following statement:

“In 1957, I discovered that a secret group of business leaders, political and elected officials, and media elite were meeting off the coast of Georgia. They flew into Georgia on private planes and had catered meals flown in from New York. That meeting was an annual gathering of a group calling itself DeBilderberg after the hotel in Europe at which the group first convened. The first account of that previously unreported meeting appeared in my 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo.

The Bilderbergers, as they came to be known, were globalists who sought to undermine the sovereignty of America through a “bipartisan” foreign policy aligned to the interests of trans-national corporations. Over the coming decades they served at the highest levels of government, business, and media. They were the Kingmakers who sought to influence the nominees of both major parties. In 2004, for example, the selection of John Edwards as the Democratic vice-presidential candidate was attributed by the New York Times to Edwards’ “performance at Bilderberg.”

This past weekend, the new Kingmakers met off the coast of Georgia. This time the carefully selected group of powerful Americans, assembled by the American Enterprise Institute, included the CEOs of Apple and Google, media titans Arthur Sulzberger and William Kristol, and top political leaders including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The main goal of everyone present was to stop Donald Trump from obtaining the Republican presidential nomination, and the highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Karl Rove on how to achieve that objective. Their purpose is the same: to take power away from “we the people” and to be Kingmakers once again.


For more on what Phyllis discovered, please see Chapter 14 of her newly updated A Choice Not An Echo available here.




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