Red Ted? No Wonder Ted Cruz Doesn’t Get TRUMP; Cruz Sided With CHINA Over AMERICA!

Not that long ago, when Ted Cruz was a lawyer, Ted worked for a GLOBAL FIRM called Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. One day, an entrepreneurial American man, named Jordan Fishman, was shocked when he learned that his hard work and legally patented inventions had been stolen by China and Dubai. Keep in mind, Ted Cruz tells his supporters he can be trusTED. Keep in mind, Ted Cruz tells his supporters he is a “constitutional conservative” fighting for America, and the American worker. Well then, shouldn’t Cruz’s devoted followers be disgusTED to learn that Cruz did not defend a hard working entrepreneurial American man against his stolen property.

This was all going down at a time when there was a bill in congress to stop China from screwing us. The bill was crafted to stop the Anti-American tactic used by foreign countries – against us, against the American worker, and against The United States of America. The bill imposed tariffs on all countries who manipulate their currency, and make it artificially low, so these foreign countries can have the upper hand in trade. This foreign country upper hand in trade is an upper hand against us, against America, and against all hard working Americans with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out what Lawyer Ted said in an exchange with Laura Ingraham when she asked him about this bill. Pay close attention to his words. In the exchange below, Ted Cruz uses tricky lawyer words, the same way he did during the Gang of Eight debate. FLASHBACK: In 2012, when pressed about his position on amnesty numerous times, Ted Cruz endlessly repeated the phrase “I have deep concerns“. By repeating these tricky lawyer words it allowed Cruz to never really take any position at all, and gives him wiggle-room for a presidential run no matter what the mood of the country currently holds in regards to amnesty. Ted Cruz uses tricky lawyer words again this time, when pressed about how we are getting screwed by China.

Check this out :

Ted Cruz: ” I do not support that bill. I understand the concerns about China and I think we need to be vigorous when dealing with China, but I think it is a mistake to try to start a trade war with them.”

Ingraham: “I’m telling you, you hang yourself on this free trade thing, I think it’s going to hurt you, I think it has already hurt the Republican party, and, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why conservatives, seeing what has happened over the past two decades, maybe not two decades ago, but now seeing what has happened over the past two decades, how you could still say status quo with China is fine.”

Cruz: “Protectionist arguments, particularly when you have unemployment, resonate because people are out of a job and they are ticked off, but who they should be ticked off at President Obama and this unrelenting war on jobs this administration has had.”

Ingraham: “Obama’s with you, he is with you on this bill Ted.”

Cruz: “Well, we’ll see where he stands, but what I will tell you Laura…”

(PTL that Laura Ingraham cuts off Ted Cruz and his tricky lawyer BS)

Ingraham: “No, he’s with you on this bill; the administration does not want this bill, so you and he are on the same side of this issue.”

Did we all catch that? Cruz: “I understand the concerns about China”. Cruz: “we need to be vigorous when dealing with China”. Can we guess what those lawyer words mean? Yes, we can. Those lawyer words mean that Ted Cruz took sides against America. Ted Cruz took sides with China. Ted Cruz took sides with Obama. Just in case some Cruz supporters still don’t get it, let’s make Ted Cruz’s fraudulent “conservatism”, and true establishment status perfectly clear: Ted Cruz took sides with the 2012 Establishment GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Like any good trained liar (lawyer), Ted Cruz’s defense for helping China kill potential American jobs, was to say that his participation in the lawsuit (a lawsuit that supported China instead of Jordon Fishman, the hard working American entrepreneur) was…get this:  “relatively minor“. If Cruz’s role was so “relatively minor” then why didn’t he refuse to work on the Anti-America/Pro-China case, and support the Pro-America bill in congress?

via Wikipedia:

Shandong Linglong Rubber Company was found guilty of marketing versions of tires that were based on blueprints stolen by a former employee of a Florida businessman and ordered to pay $26 million to the Floridian. Cruz worked on the Chinese company’s appellant brief. The appeals court denied the appeal and affirmed the jury’s award.

Ted Cruz is the status quo. The status quo supports trade deals that benefit foreign countries instead of supporting our country. Ted Cruz has got to go.

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