Robert Redford | SCOTUS must uphold Obama’s illegal EPA regulations

Robert Redford, Time:

The Court has been on the wrong side of History before, but never on a topic that directly affects the current lives of 7 billion people, and untold billions in the future. Extreme weather, desertification, ocean acidification and climate-related military conflicts are increasingly global mega-trends that disrupt entire countries in utterly unpredictable ways.

That’s quite a list of consequences. But improbably, there is opportunity here. The climate crisis is the rarest of situations: one in which nearly everyone agrees and nearly everyone can win.

Everyone agreeing? Yes. The biggest myth about the climate “debate” is that there is one. Serious-minded people are no longer debating: the US military, the reinsurance industry and COOs of Fortune 500 companies accept a changing climate as an inevitability that has to be accounted for in future battles and future business. The Pope frames the climate discussion as a deep moral imperative to care for the poor, the hungry, the disenfranchised. Even many investor-owned utilities are transitioning from coal to cleaner energy to protect shareholder interests. Despite the SCOTUS stay, they plan to continue the transition.


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