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Islamophobia Ahead signTrump, Israel, and Islam

by Roger L. Simon | March 10, 2016

Donald Trump’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations was under attack again by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz during Thursday night’s debate…

Although Trump insisted he is a great friend of Israel, … both men cast aspersions on the businessman’s assertion that he would try to be even-handed in looking for a solution to the seemingly intractable conflict. The senators saw no good on the Palestinian side.

Neither do I, but it’s hard to see how there could be a negotiation of any sort without at least the pretense of equality.

The irony of this I’m more pro-Israel than you competition between the Republican candidates at the Miami debate … was compounded by Trump having dropped a far more controversial bomb in the relative calm … when he declared, not for the first time, that “Islam hates us.”

Well, duh, as the saying goes. And bravo to Trump for stating the obvious that even a cursory reading of the texts of this religion/ideology would tell you.

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Trump after the debate whether he meant all of Islam hates us, Donald simply replied, “A lot of it.” How politically incorrect — and undoubtedly how accurate!

Whatever one thinks about Trump … he is the first major American politician … to name directly the entity that seeks to destroy Western civilization. He didn’t even cloak it in “radical Islam.”

The assumption of the “good people” is this will only make things worse, alarm the Muslim world and stir it up (as if it could be any more stirred up). Perhaps, however, it’s the contrary. Perhaps people are sitting in the Islamic world and privately sighing in relief. At last America has a leader … who isn’t a fool, who is willing to stand up and say what so many already think. (Read More)


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