Senator Ted Cruz Hires Jeb Bush Establishment GOPe Finance Men Today

NOTE: As the presidential election process continues, it becomes more and more apparent to normal people that Ted Cruz is not a “consistent conservative” as he claims. Today Senator Ted Cruz blatantly announced that he has, in fact, joined the same GOP establishment that he pretends to be against.


HOUSTON, Texas – Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today announced eight former national finance committee members of the Jeb Bush presidential campaign have joined the Cruz for President National Finance Committee. Yesterday, the campaign announced it shattered its fundraising goals with more than $66 million raised to date, and had it’s biggest fundraising month since launching, with nearly $12 million raised in the month of February. To date, the Cruz campaign has earned 225,000 donations, with an average of $52 per donation.

“I am excited to welcome this outstanding new group to our finance team,” said Cruz. “They arrive at a pivotal time for our campaign, as the field is winnowing down to a two-person race. I am honored to have such an impressive committee. It is yet another sign that conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign.”

The following are the new members of the Cruz national finance team:

The following are the new members of the Cruz national finance team:

Paul Dickerson – Houston, TX
Boyden Gray – Washington, DC
Charles Foster – Houston, TX
Reginald J. Brown – Washington, DC
Paula and Jim Henry – Midland, TX
Nancy and Randy Best – Dallas, TX

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