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Donald Trump - smiling (200x200)8 Trump enemies helping him succeed

by Sharyl Attkisson | March 15, 2016

Regardless of what happens next, Trump has made it farther than virtually all original projections. With the benefit of hindsight, Trump’s attackers might have accurately stated: “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Here are eight Trump enemies helping him succeed.

  1. John McCain: McCain’s insult of Trump supporters last summer launched one of the now-infamous Trump counter-attacks. Trump persevered the Republican and media onslaught and refused the media demands to apologize. That distinguished Trump, in the minds of voters, from the usual pattern: politician says something, media and opponents demand an apology, politician apologizes. July 18, 2015, the New York Post claims “Trump Campaign Implodes.”
  2. The Huffington Post: The liberal website hoped to damage Trump with its audacious announcement that it was going to cover his campaign exclusively on the entertainment pages. To Trump supporters, it confirmed their longstanding notion of the media as unfair and biased. The website was forced into an embarrassing reversal less than four months later. Aug. 21, 2015, The Huffington Post explains why it decided Trump was just entertainment…before deciding Trump wasn’t just entertainment: “HuffPost Explains Why Trump Coverage is Entertainment on Morning Joe.”
  3. The News Media: The media initially gave Trump nonstop exposure believing that the more people saw of Trump, the more they would be repulsed by him. By the time they realized it backfired, they were so addicted to the high ratings that Trump provided, they were unable to cut the cord. Sept. 27, 2015, The Huffington Post declares it’s “The Beginning of the End for Trump: His Sarah Palin Moment.”

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